Intex Pure SPA 79 “Octagon – Bubble, Jet & Salt Water System 28454

The integrated salt water system produces chlorine from a special swimming pool. Salt (sodium chloride 99.9%) of chlorine is no longer required. The water remains soft and gentle on the skin and free of persistent chemicals.

The new generation of INTEX offers you the ultimate whirlpool experience.

With a size of 201 x 71 cm, the Pure Spa Octagon not only offers space for 4 people, but also a lot of fun and charge and convenience.

The data at a glance:

Automatic heating system

Outside diameter 201 cm

Inner diameter 150 cm

Height: 71 cm

Capacity 795 l

Weight 70.4 kg

Control system 220 – 240 V / 50 Hz

2200 W heating

Heating time 1.5 – 2.5 ° C / h

800 W whirlpool device

Air nozzles 120

Jet pump 650 W.

4 jet nozzles

Filter pump 1,741 l / h

Limescale protection system 10 W

Salt water system 20 W

Top / Pool material Laminated vinyl

Isolable cover lockable


Not suitable for children under
3 years Only under the supervision of adults

Gewicht 110 kg